1. Which of the following statements is most likely correct?

Statement 1: Securitization is beneficial for banks because it allows banks to maintain ownership of their securitized assets.

Statement 2: Securitization is beneficial for banks because it increases the funds available for banks to lend.

A. Statement 1.
B. Statement 2.
C. Neither of them.


2. Frank Smith obtains a recourse mortgage loan for $300,000. One year later, when the outstanding balance of the mortgage is $290,000, Frank cannot make his mortgage payments and defaults on the loan. The lender forecloses the loan and sells the house for $250,000.

What amount is the lender entitled to claim from Frank?

A. $0.
B. $40,000.
C. $50,000.


3. Which of the following is an important consideration of non-agency residential mortgage-backed security (RMBS) as compared to an agency RMBS?

A. Credit risk.
B. Extension risk.
C. Contraction risk.


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